Top 10 Brain Building Breakthroughs

Brain Building Breakthroughs Intro with Dr Josh Axe Hey guys, Dr. Josh Axe here. Welcome to Ancient Medicine Today. Today, we will be talking about the Top 10 Brain-Building Breakthroughs, including the best supplements, diet, exercises, essential oils, and a whole lot more to help take your brain to the next level. There’s a lot of people today I know struggling with issues related to the brain. It could be ADHD, it could be autism, it could be dementia, Alzheimer’s. It could be you struggle with brain fog on a regular basis, poor memory or just lack of motivation. All of these things can be related to you’re not getting the proper nutrients and not doing the right activities that can really help improve your overall brain function. So what I’m going to do is go through all of the things you can do today that are going to be … Read more

7 Simple Sleep Hacks!

Simple Sleep Hacks Intro

Having trouble getting to sleep at night and it’s making your mornings absolutely miserable? Well, here’s seven simple sleep hacks and tips to help you find that sweet slumber. (crashes and bass notes)

Research indicates that staring at a computer monitor two to three hours before bedtime suppresses the melatonin in your body. The easiest solution? Read a book instead. But let’s be honest, you’re probably more likely to hop on your phone. So dim your brightness down and try your best to avoid bright screens if you’ve got a meeting at eight in the morning.

simple sleep hacks

Even if you had a bad night of sleep, you can help jump start your morning by placing your alarm clock across the room. (alarm beeping) Place it in a very inconvenient spot, where you can still hear it loud and clear. When it wakes you in the morning, you’ll be forced to jump out of bed and shut it off. Since you’re already out of bed, you might as well get on with your day.

Distractions in your bedroom are one of the main causes of sleeplessness. We keep books, magazines, electronics, all surrounding our Borg alcove. Try this tip: When you go to bed, leave your laptop, phone, and reading material outside the room. If you have a TV in there, unplug it, or just turn it off. This can lead to falling asleep much faster and enable you to have a rich, deep sleep without possible interruptions.

Now let’s talk temperature. Based on many sleep studies, it’s been shown that the optimal temperature to fall asleep is between about 65 and 72 degrees Fahrenheit. The easiest way to achieve this is with your heater or air conditioner. But if that isn’t an option, try popping your feet out of the blanket, or opening a window to find that sweet spot. An optimal temperature leads to deeper and more relaxing sleep. You might not even need that alarm clock trick anymore.

Oh yeah, now let’s talk cuddling. If you’re lucky enough to have a significant other, or your favorite non-aquatic pet around, it’s been proven the cuddling with a loved one can reduce levels of cortisol in your body. Cortisol leads to stress. Stress leads to anger. Anger leads… To no sleep. Take that, Emperor Palpatine. So cuddle yourself away from the dark side and toss out that Ambien. May the sleep be with you.

Now here’s a cool one: the caffeine power nap. Let’s say you had a horrible night of sleep and maybe you have midterms going. This is easy and awesome. Make a cup of coffee and ice it down for quick consumption. As soon as you’ve downed your delicious treat, hit the couch for 15 to 20 minutes. That coffee takes about 15 minutes to kick in. So when you wake up, you’ll have the dual benefit of power nap and caffeine.

Drinkables. So you been struggling in your bed for an hour and just can’t fall asleep. Time to go make yourself a warm beverage. Camomile, KavaKava, Lemon Balm tea. These are all decaffeinated and help ease you into dreamland. Even a warm glass of milk can help bring your body temperature up and put you closer to that sweet sleep spot. You might even apply this technique just before bedtime to avoid any nocturnal interruptions.

You know, if all else fails, maybe it’s your mattress. We spend a third of our lives in bed. sent us one of their obsessively designed mattresses for a test drive. It’s by far one of the most awesome things I’ve ever slept on. You order online and the box is shipped right to your door.

Simple Sleep Hacks Conclusion

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Ellen Jorgensen: Biohacking — [You can do it, too]

Ellen Jorgensen Presentation Intro

Hello, Ellen Jorgensen here. It’s a great time to be specialized molecular biologist reading and writing DNA blades became easier and low cost at the end of this year we will be able to three million series of bits of information in your genome in less than a day and the Least one thousand euros Albiotknlogia is perhaps the strongest and the fastest speed in the field Tknlogi growth has the power to replace fossil fuels to revolutionize medicine and exposed every aspect of daily life who will do it? I think we will all comfortable with this person who carried out, but what about this person? (Laughter) (Laughter.)

ellen jorgensen biohacking in laboratory

In 2009, I heard for the first time to DIYbio It is a movement calling for a Balbaotknlogia available to everyone, not only for scientists and workers in government idea labs is to open a science and allow for many of the groups to participate may fact stimulate innovation put technology between the average user’s hands generally a good idea because they possess the best ideas of what their needs and here’s a complex technology coming in the way, all accompanied by social and ethical questions, and we scientists losers in the explanation to the public exactly what we do in the laboratory how much would be nice if he found a place in your neighborhood where can you go and learn these things do practical training so I thought that three years ago, I met with some of my friends who have the same aspirations, and we established Genspace is a nonprofit organization of laboratories Albiotknlogia in Brooklyn, New York, and the idea was that the public can attend and take classes and wander in the laboratory in an open atmosphere and intimate and I do not have previous experience Houdrtne what will come later.

Can you guess? The press began to contact us and the more we talked about how awesome it is to upgrade to wipe scientific illiteracy, whenever they tried to talk with us about the creation of Frankenstein’s next, and as a result, for the six months to come when looking for my name in Google rather than find scientific my research, you’ll find this “Am I at risk biologist?” (Laughter.) It was frustrating. The only thing that made us move beyond this idea is the fact that we know in all parts of the world, there are people trying to do the same things we do they open spaces Albiohakr, and some of them were facing the greatest challenges that we faced, more laws and fewer resources. Now, three years later, here we are. This is a global and dynamically Alhachrisbeissz community, and this is just the beginning. Here are some of the largest, there are other open daily. There one will be opened in Moscow, and another in South Korea, and the fun thing is all of them possess unique taste that was so big ones stemming from society, let me take you on a short tour. The Biohackers working alone.

We are working in groups, in the major cities – (laughter) – and in small villages. We change our laboratory equipment to engineer genetically We are studying bacteria and penetrate the hardware, software, Aluetoar, and of course, the blade life. We would like to build things. Then we like to take things separately. We make things grow. We make things glow. We make cells dancing. Characteristic of these plants, they are open, and they are positive, but, you know, sometimes when people think of us, the first thing that comes to mind is biosafety, biosecurity, all things dark side. I’m not intent on minimizing these concerns. Any powerful technique is usually the dual-use, and as you know, you can get something like synthetic biology, nanoparticles, they really force you, you have to look at both the amateur groups, but also the professional groups, because they have the best infrastructure, they have the best facilities, and they can access to pathogens. The United Nations has done so, and recently issued a report on the whole of this region, and what they concluded to him that the strength of these positive technology is much greater than the downside risk, and even looked specifically at the community DIYbio, they noted, not surprisingly, that the press has tended to exaggerate in assessing our capabilities and reduce our ethics. In fact, DIY community from all over the world, America, and Europe, we have come together in the last year, we were able to reach a common charter of ethics. This is much more than it has done the traditional sciences. Now, we abide by local laws.

We get rid of the waste properly, and we abide by safety procedures, we do not work with pathogens. You know, if you’re working with a pathogen, you’re not part of the community Albyohakir, if you’re part of a community of bioterrorism, I’m not part of it. Sometimes people ask me, “Well, what if it comes to an accident?” Well, working with Secure objects that we usually work with it, and the chance of an accident with somebody making a mistake like, a sort of giant insects, this hypothesis about occurrence of a snowstorm in the middle of the Sahara Desert. Now, it can happen, but I’m not going to plan for my life in that range. I have chosen to fight a different kind of risk. I even signed the so-called “personal human genome project.” It is to study at Harvard University, where, at the end of the study, the genome sequence will take my entire, all my medical information, and my identity, and deployed it on the Internet for everyone even learn about it. There was a lot of risks that we talked about during the acceptance period. Best for me is, someone will be able to download a serial cheesy, back to the lab, the synthesis of some of the DNA of Ellen phantom, and planted at a crime scene. (Laughter.) But like DIYbio, positive results and good possibilities to study such far outweigh the risks.

Now, you could ask yourself, “Well, you know, what to do in the laboratory diversity?” Well, not a long time we wondered, “Well, what can anyone do to a PC?” So it’s just the beginning of this matter. We are seeing only just the tip of the iceberg DNA. Let me show you what you can do now. Byohakir in Germany, a journalist, wants to know who the dog who leave gifts in his street? (Laughter) (Applause.) Yes, you guessed. He threw tennis balls to all the neighborhood dogs, saliva analysis, to identify the dog, and the face of the dog’s owner. (Laughter) (Applause.) I discovered a platoon swept through my backyard. Similar to the beetle, the fact? In fact is the Japanese beetle. The same type of Technology, called Bhetwaza DNA, and they really Raiah- you can use to find out whether your caviar is really dolphin white, if it really was that sushi with tuna, or that it was cowardly goats would have paid a lot to get it. Byohakir in space, you can your genome mutations analysis. You can analyze your breakfast cereals from genetically modified organisms, and you can explore your own ratios.

You can send weather balloons into the stratosphere, the collection of microbes, and find out what is happening there. You can be isolated from yeast Albiosenssor detection of contaminants in water. You can make a kind of bio-fuel cells. You can do a lot of things. You can also do a draft technical sciences. Some of these are really amazing, and interest to the community, environmental problems from a totally different perspective. it’s really wonderful.

Ellen Jorgensen Conclusion

Some people ask me, well, why am I in common? It can be a good rally for me in the process of science. The fact that there is in these laboratories, where they must deliver what they could and to the community in any other place. There is something sacred about the place where you can work on a project without having to justify to anyone who would reap a lot of money, it will save humanity, or even that it’s possible. You should only follow safety guidelines. If you have this similar space all over the world, really it will change the perception of those who may be allowed to do with biotechnology.

It’s a similar size to that which flowed from them personal computers. Why not personal biotechnology? If everyone in this room participated, and who knows what can we do? This is a new field, and as we say in Brooklyn, did not you watch anything yet. (Laughter) (Applause.)

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