Top 10 Brain Building Breakthroughs

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7 Simple Sleep Hacks!

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Top 5 Tips for Hacking Your Sleep

Hacking Your Sleep: Top 5 Tips To Sleep Better

Today, I’m going to give you my top 5 tips for more effective sleep. Because, the better sleep you get, the more acts you’ll be able to perform during the day.

Alright, guys. So, I recently picked up the Biohackers Handbook. Specifically, the sleep chapter. This book is all about hacking your sleep so you can get better quality sleep. I’m going to share with you my top 5 tips that I learned from this book.  I am not a doctor and this is not medical advice.

#5 is Daytime Preparation

A lot of sleeping effectively starts with what you do during the day. So, first things first, light. Light is extremely important. Particularly from the sun. Your body is taking in light, particularly through the eyes.

Then, melatonin production is inhibited. Melatonin is just a hormone made by your body to initiate the sleep process. So, you don’t want to spend all day in a dark room. Your brain is going to get all confused. You want to be out in the sun in the daytime. Or, have the sun shining through your window when you work in your office. If, for whatever reason, you can’t, however, get a proper amount of sun during the day, you can use one of these blue light therapy machines. I’ll link to one in the description below. As well as taking a significant amount of vitamin D is important. You should be doing that anyway. Also, linked in the description below. Actually, everything I talk about, all the products I talk about in this video, you got it in the description below.

#4 is Nighttime Preparation

As with during the day, severely blue light or sunlight, suppresses the melatonin production, the hormone responsible for sleep.

During the evening, you actually want to initiate that. So, having the lights on all around in your apartment or in your house is not a great idea. This is why people say an hour before bed, don’t watch TV, don’t play games, don’t be on your phone, etc. What you can do is if you need to work within the later hours, or hangout or stay up within the later hours, just shut off all your normal lights, and what I do is I mount red LED lights to my ceiling. I actually have a video about this that I made. You can just buy some red LED lights, or if you don’t want to change your environment and replace all your lighting with red lighting or low- blue lights, then you can just wear a pair of blue blocker sunglasses. So, when the sun goes down, just put these on and you’ll be good to go. The key here is several hours after the sun goes down, or a couple hours before you go to sleep, just make sure you aren’t having blue light entering through the eyes.

Then, when it’s time for bed, black out your entire bedroom. No flashing LEDs from clocks or anything. Black out your whole bedroom. Use blackout curtains, then go to sleep.

#3 is Temperature

This is a pretty “cool” one. The optimal temperature of your body to sleep properly is between 60-69 degrees Fahrenheit. That is the range. Otherwise, it’s too hot, it’s too cold, and you can’t sleep. I don’t know about you, but 60 degrees is super cold for me. My sweet spot is actually 67. So, I turn my A/C on 67 degrees. It’s nice and chilly and I love it.

#2 is Supplementation

Supplements can be used in the aid of falling asleep. I’m actually currently working on my own sleep elixir that I’ll eventually make a video giving out the recipe for free to make on your own.

There are tons and tons and tons of supplements to use for this purpose, so I’ll just give you two that I like. One is magnesium, which acts as a mild sedative in higher doses. I like to use the Natural Calm powder mixed with water. Good to go. And number two is L-theanine. L-thenine is kind of like a GABA precursor. It promotes relaxation, anti-anxiety and that kind of stuff. This happens to be from Powder City. This powder mixed with water, mixed with this, you’ll be good to go.

And the #1 technique for more effective sleep is Sound Stimulation

I really like the use of binaural beats, and I’ll probably do a more in-depth video on binaural beats themselves in the future. But, essentially, they are specially constructed sounds that change your brain waves. So, you alter your brain waves to match brain states that you would have when you’re sleeping or going through the stages of sleep and falling asleep.

There’s two that I really, really like. iAwake is one company. They have a product called Sleeping Heart. And I-Doser is another company. And they have a product called Sleeping Angel. So, that’s it for now, folks. Check out the book. Read the book. It’s free! Get the book at the bottom from the link below. And discover the rest of the sleeping tips. Tell me your favorite sleeping tips in the comments below. And, please subscribe. Right? Subscribe for future videos about performance and performance enhancement, and cognitive enhancement. All those videos are coming up. Take care..

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